A New Google Group Launched !!!

I Started this Google Group to help connect clients with programmers and seo experts please join in our discussions and please share this group with other you feel would benefit.

Whether you are a php programmer or a adobe flash master  looking  for new job leads or you are the need of some expert Advice and skills to get your next project done



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Sales Leads For Development work needed

We are a web design group who require sales leads. That means we need people capable of getting us new clients. Our problem is that we are a new group and past work cannot be displayed due to contractual obligations with previous companies, which means that it is more difficult for us to engage new clients.
We offer web design, web development, graphic design, flash development, seo, wordpress, xhtml, html, mysql etc and marketing campaigns and hosting of the highest quality. We also do some software development work, but this is more on a single project basis as the need might arise.

We need people who are capable of getting in 4 new clients per month who would have a budget of over $3,000. Our charge is $60 per hour, considering that our team are highly paid due to their great work we cant go any lower, so for projects requiring a per hour basis thats what we charge. Firms offering the same level of service usually charge at least 30% more. So we are quite cheap relatively. Remember, we aren’t a quick job group, we truly deliver top class work.

We will charge the clients referred to us and we always charge 50% before we start work and 50% upon completion. Once the project is finished you will get paid a 10% referral commission.

This is a great opportunity for people with good contacts, good marketing skills and good sales record to earn a very attractive commission every month!

Only serious people apply. At the end of the day, if you are not able to refer clients to us who will work with us and pay us then you wont get paid. So only people who are able to do this work should Apply
( Our website is www.gdgsoftwaredesigns.com )

Best Regards Gabriel Garrod

CEO GDG Software Designs

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Sample of what Seo Services we Provide to clients

1- Provide an in-depth SEO analysis of the website, especially the main page where SEO can be improved for FREE where you review ALL SEO (images, titles, meta, description etc). We will then recommend ways to further improve the SEO

Each website will be submitted to DMOZ and be accepted

We will Provide a weekly summary analysis of SERPS position # for each website for Google, MSN, BING, Yahoo

6 Manual Press Release submissions to only the top 5 press release websites (two website URL’s 3 keywords phrases. I will provide press release title , text etc)

125 nofollow blog comments PR4 and higher ONLY

75 edu gov links (related sites) PR4 and higher

125 forum postings (only related topic sites)

100 social bookmarks (only submit to the top 25 social bookmark sites, no junk social bookmarking websites

125 Directory submissions

5 video submissions to the top 5 video websites

Create 10 RSS feeds per month for 10 webpages taken from the two websites you are working on. will submit the 10 RSS Feeds and ping them in a natural timed manner. Please forward to me all 10 RSS feed URLs each month in a excel file.

Create 5 high page rank links PR 7, PR8, PR9 links on related sites

Post 10 yahoo answers comments related to topic

Post 3 Craigslist

Create 2 blogs using webpage content that exists from the websites.

will then add links for 2 – 3 articles already created on the topics.

All links will be quality links and not PR0,1,2,3 junk and no links that are dead in a few days.

we will provide a bi-monthly summary of all work done. Linkbuilding is done each week, and not done in a one or two day FAST manner.

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Looking for your next Software Development contract?

Hello Everyone,

For our first post i thought i share my thoughts and review of scriptlance.com.

Being a new start-up company one the first and hardest things to do is to start getting clients.  there are several place out there on the web to start trying to drum up business for your company.  Of the freelance and contract based jobs site I have to say that scriptlance is on of the better ones out there. Its a great place to land a few contracts and start building a name for your self and your company.. Personally i landed 2 contracts within the first week.. The total process from start to finish using there escrow system to dealing buyer clients  was painless. I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for a way to jump start your web development business. they have every kind of work you can imagine from SEO work to full scale big budget projects..

Learn more about scriptlance.com

thanks and i hope you enjoyed this Article

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